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Is your HSK coming up soon? Want to know how well you've prepared? Don't worry, HSChinese has meticulously prepared a mock HSK test for you. We will open the mock test system every month before official HSK test time. Remember to sign up for the HSK mock test on time and get a feel for the real thing!
online chinese
Want to learn Chinese anytime anywhere? Come to attend the one-on-one Skype courses that HSChinese prepare for you.Select the course you need; reserve the class time and learn with the professional Chinese teachers in HSChinese. Are you ready?
chinese school
Not satisfied with studying online? Come check out the offline learning center that HSChinese has prepared for you - YouMandarin Learning Center. There you will find experienced teachers that will explain techniques for learning Chinese as well as top-notch Chinese courses. What are you waiting for? Come quick and let your Chinese become even better!
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One of the best apps in HSK vocabulary! Like it a lot: it's easy to learn words.
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Best app to learn mandarin vocabulary I have tried many chinese app
分かりやすい(^^? 中国語が前より断然上手くなった!中国語も読めるようになりました??(? ? 3?)??ほんとにありがとうごさいますm(__)m
Than you for your service is really helpful to improve chinese language
Great learning app One of the greatest free apps I've seen to learn a foreign language.
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